Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Personal Project: Al-Quran EPUB version for download.


All praise to Allah, Lord of the universe. I have managed to complete the Al-Quran, Epub version. Amongst the benefit of Epub version is:

- Small file size.
- Embedded with KFGQPC Uthman Taha Naskh font.
- Table of Content with juz numbers and name of sura.
- Al-Quran arranged by juz (30).
- Reflowable content, means that no matter the size of your gadget, the text with reflow accordingly. You can also adjust the font size.

Do remember that there's many EPUB Reader out there, some can display RTL/Arabic font correctly and many don't. Some can display embedded font and there are some that do not. Some information:

Adobe Digital Edition: Does not support Arabic / RTL.
Moon Reader (Android): Does not support Epub's Embedded Font. Using fallback font instead.

So please download, and try it.

For contributions, please email me any error contained in this copy, that's the most valuable contribution I can ask for. Also if you have any suggestion for improvement, please make me know. Email it to:

alsemo [at] gmail [dot] com

As a human, I will make mistake. And I will try to correct my mistakes found in this Al-Quran, Epub version as soon as possible. In that case, if I uploaded a new version, please download the new version and delete the old version.

Please also provide info regarding type of gadget and software you use to read this Al-Quran, Epub version for my reference.

Hope this will be benificial. Thanks for downloading.

Al-Quran.epub (this is what you need):

Al-Quran.epub.md5 (this is to check whether the file is corrupted after downloaded):

 There's a few application/extensions I've tested for this. As you might know, Arabic font support in Ebook apps is not the best. I've tried a few and this is my verdict.

1) Moon Reader: wording is just horrible. Some ayat is displayed as vertical.
2) Ebook Reader: Good display of the epub. The only minus point is that there's only 3 generic font and it does not display the font included in my epub.
3) Universal Book  Reader (UB Reader): Avoid.

1) Readium extension: Great display.

1) EPUBReader: Good display.


  1. Essalamun aleyküm.

    Is it possible to make this project with "Tuvalu hat" called in Turkish.

    It is easier for newbies to read.

    You can check what I mean from hayrat kuran app or hayrat kuran website

  2. Waalaikumsalam,

    Thanks for the info. I'll check that font out. In the mean time, I need to clean up the project as Android arabic support is more updated. Thanks again.

  3. Thanks a lot brother i will check it

  4. Assalaamu Alaikum,
    I think there is a spelling error(may be its not) because i see there in surah faatiha you wrote ""Alhamdulillahi "Rabbal" Aalamin""............as far as i know, it should be "rabbil", not "rabbal"...